2014-15 Curriculum Choices

Okay, so I’ve decided to actually work on this blog and keep it up-to-date.  I need it myself, just to remember what we’ve done!

This year has been so amazing.  We found a great math curriculum and a wonderful history curriculum.  I am feeling more settled as a homeschooler, not just looking for the next-best-thing.

So, you ask, what did we use?  Well, we all like to peek into each other’s curriculum shelves, so to speak, so here you go:

Adventures in U.S. History (My Father’s World)-not all pictured

This curriculum encompasses our Bible, History, Geography, Science, Music and Art.  We didn’t stick with the art, but the rest we thoroughly enjoyed.  We made teepees and wigwams our of construction paper, visited Mount Vernon, ate hasty pudding, learned patriotic songs, attended a showing of the Nutcracker, and enjoyed an outing at the Frontier Culture Museum.

We enjoy this curriculum immensely and soon I will write a post about why we left Sonlight and why we are sticking with My Father’s World.

Math Mammoth Light Blue

After using RightStart, my oldest has a firm grasp on basic math and tested into grade 2, workbook 2 (of 2) for Math Mammoth.  He finished that and part of 3rd grade math.  We will continue to use RightStart A and B, however, for younger kids. I just couldn’t keep that pact up (teaching each kid separately for 45 minutes at a time).  We will also continue to use the games, because well,…we love games!

Rod & Staff’s English 2: Preparing to Build

Honestly, I was just tired of the curriculum we had used before for this and my son was, too.  I had heard great things about Rod and Staff, so I found a used copy and we tried it out.  We really like it! We do most of it orally, so it isn’t too much written work for him.  When we do it that way, it typically takes about 5 minutes!  The books are filled with examples from the Bible or about little boy and girls and their church families or helping around the home.  Very sweet.  We also used IEW’s Bible Heroes a little bit and will continue that next year.

All about Spelling: Level 3

We have stuck with this spelling program. This was actually our favorite year of it. My son now really enjoys spelling and thinks it is fun. it is one of his favorite parts of school. He used to dread it (using the same curriculum), but this year the child goes on a “search” for silent e’s and writes in their homophone list.  I don’t use the tiles all the time, because he bores of that quickly, but I have him write the words on the board, which he prefers.  If he gets one wrong, then he has to build it, but he much prefers this way of teaching.

Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day

We had already completed the science from Adventures in U.S. History the prior year with Sonlight Science A.  Some f the same books are scheduled.  So, as we needed a science, we tried out the very popular Apologia Elementary series.  Some ladies on the MFW forum suggested the Flying Creatures book, because Adventures covers birds as part of their state study.  We learned a lot. I mean, a lot, with this curriculum.  However, I think it might have been a little too extensive. I don’t think I ever needed to know that much about birds.  I will say, however, that we are not fascinated by birds and constantly comment on birds that we see. My oldest son even keeps a log of what birds he has seen and adds to this each new sighting.  I look forward to using other subject books of theirs, such as Land Animals. (To be fair, we have only covered birds, bats, and pterosaurs by the writing of this post.  Perhaps, we will enjoy the insect portion.) The notebooking journal (we chose the Junior version) was fun for him to do and, especially once I realized we didn’t have to do all of it.

Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin American)

My son has continued to use Rosetta Stone, slowly but surely, and is really learning Spanish! He even likes to teach his baby sister Spanish words.

We also participated in a co-op, which I love more each week we meet.  There is a mom’s Bible study, and classes for those in nursery on up through high school  My oldest son was in chorus, etiquette, a state study, and literature class.  We have made good friends, as well.

We really enjoyed this year and will be sticking with our choices, so that makes things much easier for next year! Last year at this time, I was in a researching frenzy trying to figure out what curriculum I would want to use. Now I’m really happy with what we have going on here.

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