Perhaps That Ache is the Holy Spirit

One of my dear friends posted a link on Facebook and a comment that read, “I ached so badly for another baby after [my daughter], it was so soo hard. We were blessed with [our third] but I know the ache will be back.”

The aforementioned link was to a well-written blog post entitled “In which I am learning to live with the ache“.

She talks about how she has had three children and now she lives with the ache of wanting more, but how her husband and her are done having kids.  Therefore, she has to live with that ache.

I couldn’t help but post a comment. I just had the overwhelming thought:


Perhaps that ache is God?


Could it be that this world wants us to limit the blessings of God, but He, in fact, does not?

I grieve for so many of my friends and women I meet who have two or three children (not to say it can’t happen when you have even more, but I just tend to know small families), but say that they wish they could have more, but…

Or they wish they could go back and have more.  Perhaps their tubes are tied or their husbands have had vasectomies.  Perhaps in a period of their life when they felt they were struggling to breathe in their life filled with children, they made this pretty permanent decision.

I feel like Satan/this world has sold us a big bag of lies that we are so easily buying into.  We limit our family sizes, keeping to the norms of our modern society, perhaps even pushing the boundaries to have three children, all the while feeling that ache.

God never told us to limit His blessings.

One of the blog comments was “Sometimes the Ache feels confusing and almost like a broken heart… like I’m grieving for all of the babies that will never be.”

This, in itself, is heartbreaking.


I will be posting more about this journey we’ve been on and are still on.

I’m open for discussion.

Perhaps others hearts will be changed as mine have.  Perhaps I’ll gain new information that somehow will change mine.

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